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The work I do with professional singers is a little different. These singers already have a lot of technical knowledge about how to sing and a lot of experience. However some singers find that they have a particular problem that they seem unable to over come. Often despite knowing what they would like to do they cannot persuade their body to carry out the action in the way that they wish. 


This usually means that there is a psychological defence mechanism in operation and my work with these singers explores the exact nature of the physical/psychological block and how to negotiate a change. 


My work is not counselling or therapy but I do recommend that singers undergoing this work ensure that they have someone (professional or within their family or friendship group) that they can talk to, as this work often brings up deep emotional responses and past memories. 


This type of work might seem very challenging, and some might think that it has little to do with the singers' abilities to carry out their jobs as working professionals, and that it is therefore safer not to poke a stick at such problems. However the rewards of this type of work are enormous, in terms of the emotional expression and facility that become available in the unblocked voice and many singers find a whole range of new possibilities open up for them professionally as a result. 

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