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Lucy has been my singing teacher for the last 2 years. During that time she has introduced me to very specific techniques that have brought the standard of my singing to a much higher level.


As an actress and performer I have found Lucy’s voice teaching beneficial not only to my singing technique, but also to my voice work with text on stage.


She works with precision, patience and an acute attention to detail.  She has honed in on my specific weaknesses as a singer and we have worked together over the last two years to strengthen my support mechanism and to release other areas of physical tension that have previously impeded my singing.


Lucy has a talent for identifying the core issues that prevent an individual from releasing their true, authentic sound. Through regular practice, using the exercises Lucy has taught me, my singing voice has expanded and developed the richness and freedom that I was struggling to find elsewhere.


Lucy has a gentle, non-judgemental approach to teaching which has allowed me to feel safe enough to take risks.


I would highly recommend her to beginners as well as the more advanced singer.


A.F. - Private student

Before I found Lucy’s class I had almost given up hope that there was someone out there who could help me find my voice. I couldn’t sing on pitch and my sense of rhythm was off.

Lucy tackles these fundamental problems, explains why you are having them and what you can do to overcome them. She breaks everything down in small units so that your body and brain have enough time to process the information and break longstanding habits.

Lucy provides a very supportive environment which makes you feel safe to explore your voice with other people.

Another reason why Lucy’s class worked for me was that even a change of location on my side – I moved from the UK to the US – didn’t mean I had to give up the class. I could join the sessions at her London studio via Skype, with the occasional 1:1 to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on anything.

If you are looking for someone who can help you find your voice, I can thoroughly recommend Lucy’s classes.

Regina Kohl

I approached Lucy Legg with very specific requirements: I was preparing for drama school auditions at which I would have to perform an unaccompanied song. I had had no previous singing training whatsoever, and was filled with apprehension at the prospect of singing unaccompanied.

Lucy worked closely with me, constantly selecting and adapting exercises to suit my

particular learning style, speed, goals and temperament. Bit by bit, she introduced me to the physical technicalities of singing through various consciousness-raising activities, but in a way that was always practical and never left me feeling overloaded with theory. This practice was interspersed with 'primal sound' activities, aimed at encouraging me to let go of inhibitions and access sound qualities vital to singing, but usually impeded by conscious effort.

I found myself making progress more rapidly than I had ever expected to, to the extent that I am now confident to sing unaccompanied in front of others. I am also confident in the knowledge that I have the technical foundations on which to build and progress. My initial approach to singing was as a means to an end, and I approached it with much trepidation and little enthusiasm; now, singing has taken on a much greater significance in my life, becoming an end in itself. I am extremely grateful to Lucy for unlocking my potential and I definitely intend to continue training with her.

Ann Sandham

I have taken singing lessons in various forms from Lucy for about 18 months including a beginner's class of about 6 adult students, individual singing lessons, a small choir and a 'singing day'.

Lucy is a brilliant teacher. I have learned a great deal from her about singing techniques, relevant music theory and my own strengths and weaknesses. She gives extremely clear explanations and very useful demonstrations of the techniques that make it very easy to both understand why we are doing something and how we do it.

Lucy also combines a sensitivity to student anxieties when performing with a very practical 'have a go - we're here to learn' approach which inspires confidence and encourages us to take on challenges, increasing our learning and our singing abilities. Her ability to take into account the differing abilities of the students is impressive and encourages full participation by everyone. Her use of humour, constructive feedback which includes specific instruction on how to improve and her very obvious love of music, singing and teaching make the classes both a great deal of fun and a terrific learning experience.

Margot Taylor

I have known Lucy Legg as my singing teacher since April 2010. I have experienced private, individual and group sessions as well as taking part in a day- long workshop. As an untrained beginner, Lucy has taken me to a level which gives me great satisfaction, and her inspirational teaching has given me the confidence to try my hand at choral work.

Her well paced lessons have covered a wide range of music including modern, classical, jazz and traditional pieces. By introducing rounds and cannons she has enabled us to learn simple pieces quickly and economically, allowing us to immediately experience what seems like part singing, right from the start. Her sessions include exercises in musical notation, rhythm, the sol-fa, breathing and specific vocal techniques.

I have also attended a number of enjoyable concerts organised by Lucy (in Hampstead, Vauxhall and Camden) where she has performed as a member of Morphosen. The programmes are always interesting, wide ranging, and pleasantly challenging as well as being well put together and professionally presented.

Lucy Legg strikes me as a thoroughly professional, discreet and supportive teacher in relation to working with my adult group.

Stephanie Tuey

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