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Find Your Voice Course

Who: pre-formed groups of friends/colleagues anywhere in the UK or overseas.


Content: A minimum of 15 hours tuition spread over a weekend or a week; exercises and songs are tailored to the experience level of the group.


Aim: For each individual to understand the factors that influence voice production, and learn techniques that will give them control over these so that they can sing a simple tune accurately with others, and depending on the length of the course learn multiple songs, possibly singing in rounds to provide harmony.


Protect and Project Your Voice Workshops

Who: Pre-formed groups of teachers/lecturers or anyone involved in public speaking anywhere in the UK or overseas.

Content: A minimum of 3 hours of presentation and workshop activities based around resonance and breathing, as well as communication and external factors that influence vocal health.

Aim: For each individual to understand how to be heard clearly and be understood in a variety of settings whilst using their body in such a way that they do not strain their voice.


Termly Courses in London

These courses require on-going commitment to weekly rehearsals.

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British Voice Association


Develop Your Voice

Once the Find Your Voice group reaches a certain level they become the Develop Your Voice group and start to work on the skills of singing in harmony and increasing vocal range as well as tackling more complex songs. New singers with some experience (either from individual lessons with me or from singing elsewhere) are welcome to join this group at the start of any term.


This group currently meets on Wednesday evenings from 6.15pm - 7.15pm. 

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Sicure Voci

This is an annual (3 term) project. 


Rehearsals for this course currently take place on Thursday evenings 7-8pm and for a few hours some weekends (April -June)

The project aims are to help late-starter and returning singers develop their singing technique, confidence, and musicianship skills, whilst having fun singing more demanding repertoire. In past years the music for this course has been by classical composers. Singers in this group sing solos, duets, trios and quartets, and during the choruses may be asked to sing with only two or three singers to a part. There is a concert at the end of the year for family and friends.  The inaugural “Sicure Voci” project of 2014 was developed in response to the needs of my students, as many had previously attended my ‘Find Your Voice’ and 'Develop Your Voice' classes and were ready to be stretched further. The project got its name because the multiple meanings of the Italian word ‘sicuro’ (singular of sicure) were very appropriate to the ethos I wished to create, and the elements I wanted to explore eg. safe, secure, reliable, steady, clear, assured. As a noun ‘sicuro’ even means safety place, whilst ‘voci’ means voices.


If you are interested in joining please get in touch, even if you have missed the September start date, as it may still be possible. 

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